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Global Aerospace Training Systems' products provide the customer functional design fabrication with superior components that exceed the training requirements of the aviation maintenance training industry. There are no direct comparative products available that are as sophisticated and include exceptional operational documentation for the price. Global Aerospace Training Systems stands alone as the premier provider of initial aviation maintenance training products.

Our Mission

To provide our customer with effective and efficient turn-key training, support systems, and services that will have a possitive impact on the avition industry. We do this through aviation maintenance training system fabrication and on-site aviation maintenance initial and recurrent training.


GATS is pleased to announce the formal co-sponsorship of the International Aerospace Training Standards (IATS) Incorporated. Together with IATS, GATS has established working relationships with other organizations with the goal to provide training resources for the enhancement of aviation technical training.

GATS Product Line

Electrical Trainers GATS electrical trainers are state of the art simulators that are comprised largely of new and rebuilt components. They are designed to incorporated an aluminum wing to house components with a control panel containing the switches, circuit breakers, gauges, fault switches, lamps and indicators. All this brings about the perfect electrical trainer for your training program.

Engine Trainers We can assist in finding engines and speciality engine items

Hydraulic Trainers Our hydraulic line of trainers demonstrates actuator sequencing with a gear up lock hook and sequenced actuator. Hydraulic sequencing with the up lock hook and actuator is in clear view of the students . With gear doors its difficult to see the gear system in motion especially when the gear doors start closing. Considering the potential for students to become entangled in the gear doors we discontinued them. In addition we dropped the wing surrounding the gear assembly and went with a 360 degree open view for better student comprehension.
As an alternative, the bench-top design has become very popular cabinet style trainer for in the classroom.

System Trainers GATS system trainers run the gammot of high-end training resources. You will quickly see that these are user friendly quality products. Check out the specialized selection of these professional cabinet designs.

Other Products Throughout years of providing excellent trainers, we found that there are a few products that go hand-in-hand with aviation maintenance. Check out our GATS Cylinder Stands and our GATS Engine Run Stands. Essentials for every FBO or school!

Sale Items For a limited time we offer selected products on sale. Order these while their "hot" and you won't be disapointed by our professionally esteemed GATS warranty on all our products!

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